Monday, May 17, 2010

Investigation Announced... And Heads Will Roll

The Obama Administration announced today, May 17, 2010, that there will be an investigation by an Independent Commission to investigate the Deepwater Horizon disaster that Big Polluter is responsible for.

Also, Mr. Chris Oynes, chairman of the MMS under the U.S. Department of Interior (picture above), announced his decision to retire after 35 years. The U.S. Department of Interior officials said Mr. Oynes was under no pressure to retire.

OK. It's a start. Let's hope Big Polluter will follow suit with some of their own high-profile resignations. After all, the damage to people, the environment, animal life and plant life has all been incalculable.

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  1. William,
    Do you feel Mr Oynes bears some responsibility if he has been there for 35 years he must have been aware of the practices within MMS...being aware still means he has a responsibility to do the right thing...peoples lives are and will always be at risk when someone turns the other way just to keep there Government Job, so he has some culpability no matter what time has gone by.