Sunday, July 4, 2010

Picture of Baby Whale (BP Victim) in the Gulf of Mexico

This is a picture of a baby whale that BP could not arrange to pick up burn before it was photographed.

Let us NEVER forget the destruction and heartache that BP has visited on the people and the animals of the Gulf of Mexico!

Visit the BP Rage Page for more information about BP and their 2010 Oil Disaster.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

$20 Billion is Chump Change!!!

(The picture at the right is what $1 billion looks like when it is in $100 bills.)

The Annual Economy of the entire U.S. Gulf Coast is valued at about $2.2 trillion per year. Has anyone else figured out WHY the BP Senior Executives were smiling on June 16, 2010 after their meeting with President Obama where they committed to pay $20 billion? (Hint: Let's do the math! That's like letting them get away with paying less than 1% of the value of the damages to the Gulf Coast Economy for just 1 year!) This problem will be with us for 50 years or more, so $20 billion is chump change. Maybe BP stands for BOHICA Petroleum!

Friday, May 28, 2010

BP CEO Tony Hayward: "It's an Environmental Catastrophe"

Today BP CEO Tony Hayward made it official regarding the BP 2010 Oil Leak in the Gulf of Mexico: "It's an environmental catastrophe."

Yes, Mr. Hayward. We have known this since early May 2010. It certainly is an environmental catastrophe and so is BP. Welcome to reality.

Look at the results of your bad leadership and your greed. You and your company are the most evil and terrible things to ever happen to our country. You have secured your place in U.S. history as our greatest Eco-Terrorist. I hope you and the top leaders at BP will all be charged criminally, and that BP will be seized and sued until its assests are totally exhausted.

Please resign immediately and go some place far, far away.

Thank you.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Economy of the Gulf States and How They May Be Affected on the Big Polluter 2010 Oil Spill

Consider this article about the possibility for the Big Polluter 2010 Oil Spill to wreck the collective economy of the Gulf States. The loss of plantlife and animal life in the Gulf of Mexico and the coastal wetlands is horror enough. But the wrecked economy of the Gulf States will leave a negative impact that will never be forgotten.

Scientists: Louisiana Wetlands May Never Recover from Big Polluter's 2010 Oil Spill

May 23, 2010 - An article at the news website reports that the Louisiana Wetlands may NEVER recover from the effects of the 2010 Oil Spill for which Big Polluter is responsible.

Also note that
on Saturday Morning, May 22, 2010, Big Polluter COO Doug Suttles was interviewed by NPR's Bob Simon. During that interview, he quipped that he believed that the Gulf of Mexico would recover because it is "pretty robust." I don't believe Mr. Suttles knows what he was talking about. But I due to all the missteps and incompetence of Big Polluter Executive Leadership Team, I predict that they will all have some very exciting days and weeks ahead as the U.S. government and the American people make decisions to limit Big Polluter's continued capability mess things up with the 2010 Oil Spill for which Big Polluter is responsible. And I'll bet "robust" is not an adjective that will be used to describe Big Polluter.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Big Polluter 2010 Oil Catastrophe - How Much Oil Leakage, So Far?

Check the chart to the left for the latest progress on Big Polluter's destruction of the Gulf of Mexico.

You should click on the chart to enlarge it and understand what we assume Big Polluter CEO Tony Hayward is probably thinking (based on his statements and actions.)

Way to go, Tony!