Friday, May 28, 2010

BP CEO Tony Hayward: "It's an Environmental Catastrophe"

Today BP CEO Tony Hayward made it official regarding the BP 2010 Oil Leak in the Gulf of Mexico: "It's an environmental catastrophe."

Yes, Mr. Hayward. We have known this since early May 2010. It certainly is an environmental catastrophe and so is BP. Welcome to reality.

Look at the results of your bad leadership and your greed. You and your company are the most evil and terrible things to ever happen to our country. You have secured your place in U.S. history as our greatest Eco-Terrorist. I hope you and the top leaders at BP will all be charged criminally, and that BP will be seized and sued until its assests are totally exhausted.

Please resign immediately and go some place far, far away.

Thank you.

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