Sunday, May 16, 2010

Big Polluter Misstep: "Here's $5,000, Please don't sue us."

Once Big Polluter realized how serious their Gulf of Mexico Oil Catastrophe really was, they started to dispatch company representatives to the Alabama Gulf Coast, with Legal Releases and checks for $5,000, in exchange for an agreement not to sue the company. Fortunately, the Alabama Attorney General, Troy King, ordered Big Polluter to stop this practice.

When asked about this Big Polluter practice of paying people on the Alabama Gulf Coast $5,000 in exchange for a release, during his May 3, 2010 NPR Interview, Big Polluter CEO Tony Hayward called it one of the company's "missteps."

Way to go, Mr. Hayward.

In case you are wondering what $5,000 looks like, the picture at the left shows the last series of U.S. $5,000 notes printed by the U.S. Federal Reserve in 1934.

Personally, I would say that the damage that Big Polluter has already done and will continue to do in the Gulf of Mexico, with the deaths, the injuries, the pollution, the loss of business, etc., is incalculable. You simply cannot put a price tag on it.

Anyway, if Big Polluter can't get things under control in the Gulf of Mexico before the end of May 2010, and then get a good start on fulfulling its obligations to pay to clean everything up and make people, businesses, and the governments whole on the U.S. Gulf Coast , I would be in favor of the U.S. Federal Government seizing the company and its assets. For more about that, visit SeizeBP.

The clock is ticking, Big Polluter. It is already May 16, 2010...

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